Automotive management

This software application was developed to manage transport losses suffered by two- and four-wheel vehicles.

The software connects the entire sales and/or distribution network of the car industry and provides it with predefined forms for reporting transport losses, describing them and quantifying the cost of repairs.

The damage identification phase is supported by pricelists and schedules agreed with the industry and the insurers in order to guarantee consistent repair costs. Depending on the dealer's or distributor's access password, the software identifies the country of residence of the claimer, updates the interface idiom and chooses the pricelists and schedules indicated for that country.

An underlying statistical application allows the damage index of each single dealer to be assessed according to the number of vehicles received. All the collected information enters a database which, following authorisation by the insurers, generates settlement flows to the claimers via a data link with bank.

The software can also be used to assess losses by transport segment and consequently prepare all the documentation required to manage recovery against carriers.

A VOIP (Voice On Internet Protocol) function will shortly be added in order to provide users with an effective front desk.