The Disaster Recovery plan – Back up

As far as Disaster Recovery is concerned, there is a first replica - in real time - of the database for all applications, which also includes all the documents attached. This replica is carried out by means of mechanisms provided by Mysql, so there is a second "slave" database where all operations that take place on the productive database are sent.

There is a second backup that is carried out every night on two different farms, and that includes the database and applicative contexts necessary for the web server to activate the various JWebClaims instances and to make them available to users - both locally and remotely. Data is copied in the two different locations both during the night, with the service turned off towards the outside, and in mirroring, using the configuration of the various servers as Master and Slave.

Each farm provides a first replica, performed with a 15 minute delay, while the second is provided in real time.

Keeping back-up

Dynamic Disaster Recovery is on two different remote farms, plus one within Contec. One of the remote farms is 30 km away, while the other is also in Genoa, in another area. The databases are located in data centres equipped with an independent air conditioning system, and protected by means of UPS systems, to guarantee operations in the case of power failures. As yet we have not encountered malfunctions and the internet connection provides a backup connection that is automatically activated in the case of problems with the main connection.