Medical Malpractice

The application developed for this specific branch is, in facts, an evolution of JWebClaims, to which specific functions have been added:

Managing and monitoring the performance of external professionals
The software allows the Group to manage the assignments undertaken by external professionals involved in the negotiation process. Through targeted data links, it transfers all the information pertaining to the individual claims (on which the negotiations are based) to the database. A dedicated system application allows the Group to monitor and evaluate the individual performance of professionals assigned.

Integrated management of medical experts surveys
The system manages the assignments to medical experts by transferring the clinical documentation via data link. The expert's findings are parametrically entered into the system by doctors themselves in the aim to create a technical basis to support the reserves generation and the following claim settlement.

Negotiations log
Any claim input generates a log in which all of the occurrences /activities /actions related to the claim are listed in chronological order.This log allows any involved subject to be always aware of all negotiations details about the claim, thus avoiding any data loss in case of business transfer from one subject to another one.

Parametric bordereau
The system generates reports "on demand", with possibility for the user to choose different format and contents.

Actuarial statistics and databases
The system generates statistics with multiple search parameters at user’s choice. It also generates statistic files with temporal evolution cognition and by which actuarial portfolio analyses can be provided

Treasury management
The software integrates a treasury management package for indemnities and all external costs; it also helps to manage both front and aggregate deductables / excesses.